What should I look out for when buying replacement parts?

When you see displays or batteries being offered as „original“, ask the vendor: What does that mean exactly? Where are the parts from and how does the seller ensure their quality?

Look at the seller's ratings on Amazon or eBay. Is he trustworthy? Is the majority of buyers happy with the product?

If the parts are relatively cheap there may be a catch. Our replacement kits are not the cheapest. In return we offer a high level of quality and customer service. Replacement parts with a lower price tag may be substantially lower grade or simply unchecked refurbished products or even returns.

Another thing to look out for is customer support. Can you get a hold of the seller in case you have a question or complaint? Is there a website with contact details? Does the vendor offer support in your language? Are there maybe FAQs to answer some questions immediately?

By following these easy guidelines you should be able to avoid low quality parts and falling victim to shady vendors.

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