Where can I get original replacement parts?

Apple does not sell spare parts to customers. If you don't happen to be an authorized service provider (ASP) you will have no chance of getting „original“ iPhone displays, batteries or anything of that sort.

It is, however, possible to acquire OEM parts. That means they are produced in the same factories by the same manufacturers which provide Apple and their partners with parts for the actual iPhone. They won't be „original Apple“ parts but technically identical and of high quality.

While the OEM parts may be the same as those Apple uses, they have not undergone the strict quality control Apple enforces on their suppliers. That's why we source our displays and batteries only from selected manufacturers.

Our partners follow our own strict quality testing protocol and we do further random quality screenings of all products that reach our warehouse. This is how we ensure the high level of reliable quality you are rightfully expecting from our repair kits.

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