Why is the capacity of my replacement battery lower than specified?

If you have installed one of our spare batteries in your iPhone, its capacity can be measured with the help of the free software iBackupBot. The program also spits out a number of other data about your iPhone.

Now it's possible that the data of the fresh battery from GIGA & Fixxoo measured by the software does not match the specified capacity. Have you gotten a "used" battery?

No, no need to worry. Our batteries are all brand new! The explanation lies in the way that iBackupBot and similar programs calculate the capacity of the battery. To do this they use the iPhone's own resources, which are rudimentary. Expensive machines are needed to correctly calculate the actual capacity of the battery in milliampere hours (mAh). Free programs can't do that, and even the iPhone itself is not capable of doing so.

Since it would be very expensive to calculate the capacity and current charge level, iOS "estimates" on the basis of other values, namely the voltage on the contact between the battery and the motherboard. This method is simple but has several disadvantages. Among other things, it provides inaccurate values regarding the capacity.

An approximate measurement is, of course, sufficient for the battery indicator in iOS. In fact, when there is a small change in percent more it does not appear at all. This exact fault tolerance creates the disparity between measured and nominal capacity when measuring with iBackupBot.

The GIGA & Fixxoo batteries have been measured using sophisticated testing equipment according to DIN standards. As a result the output of one and the same battery can differ up to about 10 percent when compared with software measurements. The more precise method, with the help of testing equipment, results in nearly always optimum values (> 99% of the nominal capacity).

The software displays, however, only 91 percent of the promised milliampere hours. This explains the seemingly low battery capacity, if one were to measure with "in house means".

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